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 Added in versionlabel, I don’t know if it‘s been described in the wiki.






 Identifier of the XPromo attached to the game. It differs between the Free and Full versions. It is required for the functioning of the Dashboard (aka Landing Page) and G5 MoreGames.


It bears an additional note here that G5, in the initial phase of the projects, would send offline xpromo resource packages in which this identifier is not set; or is replaced by a placeholder. In such cases an entry in the game.json is of no use and a request for fixing the xpromo resources needs to be made.  






Link that fires off when a user decides to rate our game. It leads directly to our game in a store (e.g. AppStore, Google Play or similar). Creating these links is a separate issue. Each product will have a unique link that differs, for example, with the id added at the end. In the instance above we have an AppStore link and the id in it is the AppId of the application. 


Note: During the development of our game, a place is set aside for it in the store, the game, however, has not yet been published. A properly constructed link does not seem to work. In order to test this functionality we can set this link to a different, previously published application in the store.  




 The identifier of our game’s app on facebook. Provided by the publisher. 






Since we have four iOS applications (iPhone Freemium, iPad Freemium, iPad Full, iPhone Full) using the same facebook app you have to register four “URL Scheme Suffix” for this facebook application. To make clear what I’m talking about - here you have a link to facebook documentation:


 The publisher must properly configure their application on facebook, this includes setting the right url scheme suffix.




  "fb_post":"{\"name\":\"Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden - Gettin’ in the game!\",\"picture\":\"\",\"caption\":\"What mystery lurks in the depths of the sea? Let’s find out, [Username]... It’s time for a thrilling adventure!\",\"description\":\"Learn more, read reviews and download Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden for iPad by G5 Entertainment on the AppStore.\",\"link\":\"\"}", 


The construction of an example facebook post. Sections of the post have been colour coded.


Magenta: The title of the post


Blue: The link to the icon shown in the post. It should be a 90x90px icon. In case of G5, all icons should be delivered to the publisher who will, in turn, publish them on their own server and provide their links.


Orange: The actual content of the post. It may contain the coded username.


Green: Additional description in the post. G5 requires exactly this formula.


Red: Link to our game at the store. Sometimes it is the same link as in RATEAPP_URL 






IAP_UNLOCK_CE to identykator produktu…........... TODO


The value of “com.artifexmundi.test.abyss1hdfreemium.cecontentunlock” is the physical identifier of the registered product in the shop. The identifier is provided by the publisher. For every store (AppStore, GooglePlay) the value will be different.




The magical key the presence of which in the game.json causes the game to consider the product bought regardless of whether the player actually did buy it.


The magical key can be used in testing, for example. Sometimes it is used as an alternative to setting bought products in the rigid configuration in the Designer for the “full” packages of the game (See, screen below). Thanks to this, we can use the same data packages in both Freemium and Full versions of the game. This solution is often employed for the Nook platform due to the small amount of memory, among other things.



Key name "IAP_UNLOCK_CE_KEY" consists of two connected segments


1)      „IAP_UNLOCK_CE” – the product identifier(described above)


2)      „_KEY” – additional affix




Magical key value ...................... TODO    <IAP product>_KEY = sha1(<IAP product>_KEY)

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